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Culinary Coaching

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Coaching to be a Chef Owner

Our Coaching process was born out of the need for chefs owners, or anyone wanting to grow their culinary business skills, to have access to some of the best chefs and get top standard training.

The Culinary Coach leadership team is at the top of their field, having served in food contracting companies, inside communities and in the retail and restaurant industries. This combination creates a holistic approach to your coaching experience.


If you are looking to gain the knowledge that training to be able to take full ownership of your kitchen, this coaching model is for you!

What we offer is in depth Financial and Culinary Coaching that will help Chefs get to the next level.  

- Red Seal Prep Course


- Cost Controls

- Menu Engineering and Management

- Nutritional training for all types of food services

To date, we have a 94% pass rate and working with our experts one-on-one, Chefs can rest assured that they will be able to take their Culinary Journey's to the next level.


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Food Safety Training

Learn Basic or Advanced food safety training


Red Seal Exam Prep

Go over all the criteria and basic's so that acing the test is easy as pie.


Advanced Chef Training

Learn what it takes to grow your skills and become stronger in Culinary administration

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